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Valve automation specialists

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Complete pump repair

Machining services

Sales and services include:

Pumps and Electric Motors:

  • Pump manufactures: HCP, Xylem, Flygt, Myers, Grundfos, Gorman Rupp, Grindex, Apex and others.

  • Pump Types: Bypass, Trash, Submersible, Grinders, Positive displacement, Progressive cavity, and Vertical turbine.

  • Electric motor sales and service.

Blowers and Gears:

  • Blowers: Roots, Centrifuge, Positive displacement and others.

  • Gear boxes: All power transmission products.

Valves and Instrumentation:

  • Valves: Ball, Butterfly, Check, Plug, Diaphragm, Trunnion, Gate, Globe and Pinch.

  • Actuators: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric.

  • Instrumentation: Gauges, Positioners, Solenoids, Position Indicators, Sight flow indicators, Level transducers and Flow meters.

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